CDC Tells Unvaccinated Americans To Stay Home For The Holidays


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that Americans who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 stay at home during the holidays.

“We fully expect that families and friends will gather for the holidays this year and we have updated our guidance on how to best to stay safe over the holidays,” the CDC stated Friday in a statement.


“Holiday traditions are important for families and children. Because many generations tend to gather to celebrate holidays, the best way to minimize COVID-19 risk and keep your family and friends safer is to get vaccinated if you’re eligible,” it added.

According to the CDC, those who travel should be tested for COVID-19 and placed in quarantine for a week.

It Never Ends

The CDC did not stop at providing guidelines for travelers who were not vaccinated. Even if they have had a third booster shot, people with weak immune systems could still be at risk. They should take the same precautions that the unvaccinated.

This includes social distancing, mask wearing, and other forms of discrimination.

If these guidelines were followed strictly, they would stop any opportunity to travel or celebrate the holidays with loved ones.

The “guidelines”, regardless of their content, never seem to be complete or sufficient to address every detail.

Americans Push Back

More Americans are resisting the CDC’s dictating advice and standing up for their rights. This includes protests against vaccine mandates and college football games that have more than 100,000 attendees.

Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican Senator, tweeted his support for In-N-Out Burger following its San Francisco closure.

Although the CDC might want Americans to be restricted from being free, freedom is what makes America great. Many people aren’t willing to follow the CDC’s travel advice and instead choose to celebrate how they want.