Car Barrels Into Part Of Biden’s Motorcade As Secret Service Hurries President Into SUV

President RUSHED To Safety - Car Loses All CONTROL!


A vehicle collided with a stationary SUV positioned to shield President Biden’s motorcade on Sunday night, shortly after the commander-in-chief departed from his campaign headquarters in Delaware.

President Biden was on foot, making his way from the campaign office to his armored SUV, when a silver sedan with Delaware license plates collided with a U.S. Secret Service vehicle. The Secret Service vehicle was strategically positioned to block off the intersection near the campaign headquarters for the president’s departure.


Following the collision, the sedan, displaying bumper damage, attempted to enter a restricted intersection. Subsequently, Secret Service agents quickly surrounded the vehicle with drawn weapons, compelling the driver to surrender.

President Biden entered his vehicle, where First Lady Jill Biden was already seated, and they were promptly driven home. The 81-year-old Democrat and his wife are confirmed to be safe.

The Secret Service clarified that the incident had no connection to protective concerns. This indicates that the collision was unintentional, and it is probable that the driver was unaware of President Biden’s presence.

Wilmington police, as reported by The New York Times, stated that there were no injuries, and authorities are examining whether impairment played a role in the collision. Prior to the event, at approximately 8:07 p.m., Jill Biden was the first to enter the vehicle after leaving the campaign offices in downtown Wilmington.

Subsequently, the president left the campaign headquarters. Moments after responding to a shouted question from the press, a sudden loud noise occurred, catching Biden by surprise, as detailed in the White House press pool report.

On Sunday night, President Biden and his wife visited the campaign headquarters, sharing a meal of pasta with tomato sauce alongside members of his election team.

This recent incident isn’t the initial occurrence involving a Biden motorcade. Back in 2020, the motorcade of then-President-elect Biden collided with another vehicle in Wilmington, Delaware. State police reported minor injuries to a trooper and a 77-year-old woman as a result of the collision.