BLM Leader Turns Against Dems Over Racist Policies, Backs Trump For President

Is This The End Of Biden? They've TURNED On Dems!


A key figure within the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has declared support for former President Donald Trump in the forthcoming 2024 presidential election. This person censured Democrats, asserting that their policies exhibit racial bias and are harmful to the well-being of the black community.

Mark Fisher, one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to explore the reasons behind certain black voters considering a departure from the Democratic Party while deciding on their choice for the 2024 presidential election.


Fisher stated, “It’s the duplicity of the Democrats, the hypocrisy. We’re not stupid. The brothers are not stupid. We understand when someone’s for us and when someone is not, and it’s obvious that the Democratic Party is not for us. The policies actually strike at the heart of the black family and the nuclear family.”

In a recent interview on “The Kim Iversen Show,” Fisher contended that Democrats fail to appreciate the significance of the black vote. In the same conversation, he commended Trump for championing policies aimed at inspiring the group.

The Democrats received a warning from a recent poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, which revealed a notable surge in support for Trump among black voters in crucial battleground states that President Biden secured in the 2020 election.

In Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, black voters are indicating a 22 percent level of support for Trump, a notable increase from the 8 percent recorded in 2020.

In a May poll, it was revealed that only 41 percent of black adults expressed a desire for Biden to seek reelection for a second term, and merely 55 percent indicated a likelihood of supporting him in the general election.

These statistics sharply differ from his initial months in office when approval of his job performance was high, with nine out of 10 black voters expressing approval. Fisher proposed that black voters who continue to support the Democratic Party are “misinformed” and lack awareness of Trump’s policies and their positive impact on the black community.