Billionaire Mark Cuban Pledges Full Support for Biden

Billionaire's UNAPOLOGETIC Biden Backing - To 'Last Rites'?!


Despite widespread apprehension among Americans, including Democrats, regarding President Joe Biden’s capacity to lead for another four years due to his advanced age and apparent cognitive decline, billionaire and entrepreneur Mark Cuban affirmed his unwavering support for Biden, stating he would maintain his backing even if Biden’s health condition were dire.

Cuban, the minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, conveyed his endorsement of Biden and his stance against former President Trump in an interview with Bloomberg News. He revealed that he cast his vote in the Texas Republican primary for former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley as a form of protest against Trump. Additionally, Cuban stated that in a hypothetical election showdown between Trump and Biden, he would support Biden unequivocally, even if Biden were in critical condition.


However, during a November 2020 interview on the “Decoder” podcast, Cuban expressed his view that neither Biden nor Trump represented the optimal presidential candidates, indicating that their nominations were a consequence of the limitations posed by the political duopoly system. Continuing his remarks, the billionaire labeled Trump as a purveyor of deceptive products, likening him to a snake oil salesman, whereas he characterized Biden as adhering to a more conventional political approach. Cuban also observed that despite any lack of efficacy in Trump’s offerings, his supporters remain content with him.

Cuban, who co-established the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co, a budget-friendly pharmacy in 2022, was recently invited to the White House for a roundtable conversation on drug pricing. During the discussion, he urged Biden to discontinue collaboration with pharmacy benefit managers, proposing that such a move would lead to a widespread reduction in drug prices and instantaneously transform the entire pharmaceutical sector.

Although the Dallas Mavericks are frequently noted for their predominantly white composition within the NBA, Cuban has recently voiced his endorsement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. He took to social media to passionately advocate for support of these policies, countering the viewpoint of fellow billionaire Elon Musk, who characterized DEI policies as embodying racism.