Biden Uses Tragedy to Double Down on Attacking Second Amendment

Biden EXPLOITS Tragedy - Shameless ATTACK!


A common accusation leveled against Democrats is that they manipulate tragedy for political gain. Liberals always seem to jump on the bandwagon when there’s a mass massacre or an especially violent weekend in a city that’s ruled by Democrats. It has transpired following each significant shooting.

Seven members of the same family and one additional man were killed in a shooting outside Chicago not long ago, and President Joe Biden did the same thing. Following the confrontation with law police, the shooter committed suicide in a distant state. In light of the tragedy, the president advocated for stricter gun control measures.


Horrific Shootings

In Joliet, Illinois, on January 21, a guy named 42-year-old was allegedly shot and killed by a 23-year-old man named Romeo Nance. Although wounded in the leg, the man managed to recover. Simultaneously, another call had been received regarding a man who was lying on the ground and bleeding from the head; the Will County Sheriff’s Office had also responded to that call. Toyosi Bakare, 28, was named by the authorities. A bullet wound to the skull was the cause of his death.

The police were able to positively identify a car that belonged to Nance after reviewing CCTV footage. They got close to his last known location the following day. Upon arriving at the scene, deputies discovered blood and bullet wounds. William Esters II, his uncle, was 35 years old, and Tameka Nance, his mother, was 47 years old, were both found dead when they entered the home.

Another house that investigators linked to the family was located on the same street. A horrifying scene greeted them as they entered the house. Inside the house were found the lifeless bodies of Nance’s two sisters, Alexandria Nance, who was twenty years old, and two younger sisters, whose identities have not been disclosed. In addition to his aunt Christine Esters, 38 years old, and his bedridden brother Joshua Nance, 31 years old, also passed away. At Joliet’s Treatment Center, the second one worked as a corrections officer.

US Marshals found Nance in Texas later that night but he shot himself before they could take him into custody.

Biden Exploits Tragedy

On January 24, President Biden issued a statement saying he and the first lady were praying for the loved ones of the eight victims in Illinois. He said the “tragedy underscores” why he has been doing everything he can to “keep guns off our streets.”

In order to combat gun trafficking and boost background checks, Biden continued by saying that his administration is utilizing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. He pushed for universal background checks and a national red flag law that would allow the government to take firearms away from individuals.

This latest comment from the president further proves that he intends to weaken gun control measures throughout his presidency.