Biden Tries To Blame Trump For Ammo Shortage

WH Tries to Shift Blame for Ammo SHORTAGE onto Trump!


The Biden administration attributed its significant failure to deplete ammunition to the actions of the previous Trump administration. They acknowledged that they would not be replenishing the supply of contentious cluster bombs that were sent to Ukraine after exhausting their ammunition reserves.

According to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, upon assuming office, they encountered a scarcity of 155 mm ammunition in general. However, the more concerning issue was the realization that it would require several years, rather than just weeks, to ramp up production of that particular ammunition.


“We began that process months ago was we anticipated the need for continuing supply Ukraine, but it takes time and that is why we need a bridge from today. We need to ensure that Ukraine has the necessary supply of ammunition to a few months down the road. We believe we can supply enough of the unitary round to meet Ukraine’s defense needs.”

“Our moral authority and Ukraine’s moral authority in this conflict comes from the fact that we are supporting a country under brutal, vicious attack by its neighbor with missiles and bombs raining down in its cities, killing its civilians, destroying its schools, it’s churches, its hospitals,” he stated.

Sullivan further explained that the administration’s current strategy does not involve restocking the depleted cluster bomb supply. Instead, their focus is on enhancing the capability to manufacture the non-cluster munition round, specifically the unitary round of the 155 mm ammunition.

Regarding the criticism received for providing Ukraine with cluster bombs, Sullivan expressed doubts about the moral authority challenge implied by such objections. He defended the decision by highlighting the importance of empowering Ukraine to defend its homeland and safeguard its civilian population.