Biden Officially Announces 2024 Run – Campaign Gets Weird

Biden's Latest Campaign Stunt - CREEPY PHOTO Raises Eyebrows


President Joe Biden has officially declared his intention to seek re-election for a second term, alongside his current vice president, Kamala Harris, after much speculation and consideration of other Democratic candidates. Although this announcement was expected by most Americans, some have been surprised by the content of his campaign video and merchandise available in his campaign store. The video begins with footage from the Capitol Hill protest in January and then shows Biden promising to secure “freedom” for all and “fight for our democracy.” In addition, visitors to the campaign website have come across unexpected features such as an error page.

On the webpage, there is a meme featuring a silhouette of President Biden with red lasers emanating from his eyes, commonly referred to as “Dark Biden.” The text “You’re lost, Jack” is located underneath the image. A link to purchase a t-shirt with the meme is also available on the page, accompanied by the phrase “Let’s get you back on the rails.”


By clicking on the advertisement and visiting the official campaign store, individuals have the option to purchase a “Dark T-shirt” featuring the meme described as “best worn while vanquishing Malarkey,” or a coffee mug with the same image. Although this unusual merchandise is not a typical choice for a political campaign, it has generated significant buzz.

President Biden’s recent announcement, along with his team, has put an end to speculation about him selecting someone else to run for the Democratic nomination. However, the incumbent president still has much work to do if he intends to win re-election. Many voters remain uncertain whether Biden, as the oldest sitting president, can adequately fulfill his duties as commander-in-chief, especially considering that he will be 82 years old if inaugurated for a second term.