Biden Allows 3 Million People To Keep Living On Government’s Dime


A Trump-era proposal to close a food stamp program loophole was murdered by the Biden administration.

This is the second time in the first months of the Biden government that former President Donald Trump’s efforts to trim the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program have been overturned.


Earlier this season, the Biden administration rejected a rule that would have required more food stamp recipients to be working to get benefits.

Now, the Biden government has scrapped a 2019 proposal which sought to terminate the ability of nations to set their own income and resources limits for the program by obtaining an exemption from the federal limitations, CNN reported Wednesday.

By way of instance, the national rule that a recipient’s income must be no more than 130 percent of the poverty line has been adapted by some countries to be as large as 200 percent.

Perdue called SNAP that a”temporary safety net” and said the Trump government was trying to help people”move away from SNAP dependency.”

The loophole’s disadvantage was noted by the Foundation for Economic Education in its retelling of the saga of Rob Undersander, a retired scientist with vast wealth who received food stamps under Minnesota’s use of this rule Trump wanted to kill.

Undersander was condemned by Democrats during a congressional hearing.

He said he was astonished when he learned food stamps didn’t take into consideration an applicant’s assets.

The loophole is “egregious and unnecessary,” Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson of South Dakota said.

Undersander’s case was mentioned when the Trump administration removed the loophole that the Biden government has effectively reinstated, according to The Washington Post.