Arkansas Meteorologist Suffers Stroke on Live Telecast

Meteorologist Suffers Stroke On Live TV (VIDEO)


Less than two weeks after having a stroke while giving his weather forecast, chief meteorologist Keith Monahan triumphantly returned to the screens on Tuesday night.

Keith stated that he initially became aware of a problem on March 9 around 3:20 pm while putting together his evening report.


He began to have trouble speaking during the 5 o’clock news program and had trouble referencing maps and graphics that he utilized for more than two decades.

Keith moved away from the camera and covered his microphone as he realized there was a severe problem. He sat down at the news desk, fortunately he never fell, and supervisors brought him to the hospital right away.

Keith spent a few days in care after being diagnosed having had a stroke. Fortunately, he is currently making progress. He attributes his condition’s improvement to others’ fast recognition of the symptoms and their responses.

Keith stated, “It could happen to anybody, that’s for sure, so recognize those symptoms. And I only had one symptom. I just had the verbalization symptom, so it’s important to know if you don’t feel right.”

Keith is already back in the studio, gently resuming his duties as Chief Meteorologist and proceeding with his rehabilitation step-by-step despite his recent medical issue.

His perseverance and commitment are an example to us all, and his experience serves as a warning not to take our well-being lightly.