Angry British Driver Beats Up Crazy Climate Protester in Street – Protester Was Blocking Traffic in the Middle of the Road (VIDEO)

Driver BEATS Up Climate Protester For Blocking Traffic!


The quiet majority around the world is becoming increasingly frustrated with radical leftists who are attempting to disrupt their daily lives. According to a report from The New York Post, an enraged motorist in London was captured on video physically confronting a protester named Daniel Knorr from the group “Just Stop Oil.” The group was involved in a “slow walk” protest that caused a pregnant woman to have a car accident earlier. 

“Just Stop Oil” is a radical leftist organization in the United Kingdom advocating for the complete elimination of fossil fuels and has been known to employ illegal tactics like vandalism and obstructing traffic. The video shared by the far-left group depicts a male driver wearing a red hat hitting Knorr in the head, causing him to fall to the ground, and subsequently kicking him while he was down.


Afterward, the man is observed engaging in a heated discussion with another individual who tries to mediate the situation. Eventually, he goes back to a silver Mercedes, which appears to have been damaged, accompanied by a visibly upset woman.

The New York Post speculates that the woman’s car was probably struck on the rear driver’s side by a van while she was trying to change lanes to avoid the climate protesters.

If law enforcement focused their efforts on pursuing those responsible for creating the current predicament, including government officials and the executives of fossil fuel companies who are jeopardizing the future of generations to come, as well as media moguls who foster a toxic environment that divides us, rather than targeting individuals like this man, I would be far more content. In that scenario, disruptive protests like marching on the roads might not even be deemed necessary.

According to Fox News, this incident is not the first time Knorr has disrupted people’s lives. Just a month ago, he ran onto the pitch during a cricket game and was carried off by an English cricketer.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Just Stop Oil declared Daniel Knorr as a victim and emphasized that even though he was assaulted during the morning march, he maintained a nonviolent approach. They asserted that causing disruption, while challenging, is an essential aspect of their protest.