Amazon Files Lawsuit in Effort to Crack Down on Theft Scams

MAJOR Lawsuit - A Crack Down Is Coming!

2538 is retaliating against the con artists who have reportedly stolen millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise. The online store is attempting to take action by suing nearly 30 individuals from six different countries for their alleged involvement in a fraud ring.

The case was initiated by Amazon on December 7, 2023, in a US District Court located in Washington State. According to Fortune, the internet behemoth is suing the people in question as well as a group known as REKK, which Amazon asserts was responsible for planning and executing the plot. According to reports, REKK has more than 30,000 followers on Telegram, and the group used that platform to recruit paying Amazon consumers using social media platforms like Reddit and Discord.


Business Insider reports that the group’s deceptive service claims were prominently shown in their ads. It expands upon the idea that REKK attracted dishonest shoppers who desired expensive goods but were unwilling to pay full price. Customers pre-paid 30% of the retail price of an item before the fraudulent returns were set up. They got full reimbursements even though they never mailed the items back, and according to Amazon’s records, they did return the stuff. Seven people, who the group claims were Amazon “insiders,” were bribed to carry out the deals. It has been stated that the group also utilized phishing tactics to obtain information from other Amazon employees, allowing them to process some of the reimbursements through unauthorized logins.

From May 2022 through June 2023, REKK allegedly tried to fraudulently reverse charges on more than a dozen expensive Amazon purchases; however, the group allegedly used the same tactic at a number of other online merchants as well. It is said to have arranged for more than 100,000 comparable refunds altogether.

In 2022, Amazon invested $1.2 billion to combat fraud, with 15,000 dedicated employees aiming to prevent theft from the enormous company. Approximately $678 billion was the company’s global profit in 2023.