25-Year-Old Remains From Kentucky Identified

Authorities CONFIRM It - Remains Identified!


Kentucky law enforcement has officially determined the identity of human remains discovered more than two decades ago in Lake Barkley, entwined with substantial chains. The Kentucky State Police released a press release, revealing that the individual’s identity had been elusive since the discovery of the bones by two anglers in 1999. The body was secured with a hydraulic jack and tire chains.

The utilization of DNA tests for identifying the corpse did not commence until 2016. During that year, the state police reported that the body was exhumed and subjected to advanced forensic methods, encompassing dental examinations, DNA testing, and various other analyses.


It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that the state police, seeking assistance from a private forensics lab, successfully identified the individual. Reports disclosed that Othram Inc., specializing in cold cases, conducted genetic testing on the bones. These tests played a crucial role in establishing the man’s identity as Roger Dale Parham by linking his relatives to the DNA of the discovered remains.

As per information from the state police, Roger Dale Parham disappeared in 1999 while in Fort Smith, Arkansas, awaiting trial on criminal charges. It was suspected that he left the area to avoid facing legal consequences. State police reported that the FBI was actively involved in the search for Parham during that time.

As per the agency’s information, Roger Dale Parham was apprehended in late 1998 on suspicion of engaging in a sexual assault case with a juvenile. The 52-year-old, accused of the crime in Arkansas, was released on bail. Police indicated that a trial had been slated for multiple criminal charges.

According to reports, Parham, a laborer who preferred cash transactions, vanished soon after his arrest. Authorities suspect he left the area in a bid to avoid legal consequences. The FBI disclosed that a state court had issued a warrant for Parham’s arrest. Currently, a murder investigation is in progress.